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9/21/2017 - The air quality advisory from noon today until noon 9/22/2017 is Green.


CONTACT: Courtney Vanbragt or Ramona Quinn at 541-882-8846

Klamath County Public Health Wildfire Season Daily Update: Forecast for Air Quality


KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. -- The Air Quality outlook for Thursday, September 21, 2017 to 8:00 am Friday September 22, 2017.

September 21, 2017 is expected to be in the good range. The Weather Service is forecasting west to southwest and west to northwest winds with a chance precipitation today.

The Miller Complex south of the basin, and the High Cascades Complex, north of the basin has been affecting our air quality.  It is anticipated that the air quality conditions will stay good during the daytime hours and tonight for Klamath County, Rocky Point, Chiloquin and Fort Klamath areas. 

Good air quality considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk.

Moderate to high moderate air quality will affect people who may be unusually sensitive to particle pollution. These individuals should consider reducing prolonged or heavy physical exertion both indoors and outdoors.  Symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath are common signs that one needs to take it easier. For everyone else, it’s fine to continue regular daily activities.


Weather conditions and smoke levels can vary dramatically during wildfires, not only from one day to the next but also on an hourly basis. Smoke may impact one portion of a community but not necessarily another in close vicinity.

If citizens have additional questions or concerns, they can contact Klamath County Public Health for the latest threats to health conditions from smoke.

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